Coffee Lids

Plant fiber-based
Coffee Lids

~200 billion coffee lids are used every year globally. That's a lot of plastic.

Presenting Zume's plant fiber-based coffee lids, so that you can enjoy your favorite coffee, responsibly!

Coffee Cup Lids
Plant fiber-based

Made from plant fibers, these lids are fully recyclable and compostable. A great alternative to single-use plastic.

Snap-fit lock

Our lids are designed to perfectly snap-lock with coffee cups. So no more spillage while you sip on your favorite coffee!

Coffee Cup Lids
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Made in India Coffee Cup Lids
Made in India

Manufactured with love at the most advanced molded fiber factory in Asia. Made in India, made for the world!

FDA Approved Coffee Cup Lids
Recyclable Coffee Cup Lids
ASTM Coffee Cup Lids
Food Safe
Coffee Cup Lids

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